Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can I have free space to do my art?

In case the Prius didn't clue you in, this guy loves the earth.  He's letting you know this with the two earth bumper stickers.  I'm not sure who Martin is, because the website is now defunct, but I'm going to guess he's a member of the Green Party.  Although, given his protest of Arizona SB1070, Martin might also be a Democrat, but certainly not a Republican (hence the peace sign).

Also present is a Creative Community Housing Project sticker.  According to their website, "CCHP is the Artist-In-Residency program of The Creatives Project (TCP). We are dedicated to supporting the day-to-day lives of creative individuals. Understanding the financial stresses associated with pursuing a career in the arts, it is our mission to offer creatives various levels of support while nurturing the arts eco-system through arts education service."  Is it me, or does the word "eco-system" (sic) stick out to you?

So, he's an tree hugging, looking for free-space hippie that likes art but can afford to drive a Prius.  Makes sense that he lives in the O4W.

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